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How to get to Korea University

The Incheon International Airport (IIA), in the city of Incheon, is the biggest and main international airport in Korea. It is an about 60-minute car ride to Korea University. It costs you about U$40 for regular taxi and U$60 for deluxe taxi. For more information on transportation from the airport to downtown Seoul, please visit the IIA web site, All fares are payable KRW only.

Taxi fares from Incheon International Airport to Korea University are quite expensive. Since Seoul subways are not directly connected to the Incheon Airport, we recommend taking the Limousine Bus from the airport and transferring to a taxi at a bus stop near the university.

Please refer to the following list of possible transportation routes to Korea University

(1) By LIMOUSINE from Incheon International Airport
For Dobong and Gangbook bound buses, you can catch them at the 3B10A Bus Stops at Inchon Airport Entrance. The bus fare is 13,000 won. Buses operate at 20 ~ 40 minute intervals from 6AM till 10PM. Get off at the Korea University stop. If you have any questions call the Korea City Air Terminal at 02-551-0790.

(2) By TAXI from Incheon International Airport
Most international airline companies offer flights to Incheon International Airport, newly open in April 1, 2001. From the airport, it costs approximately KRW 50,000 ~ 60,000 by taxi up to 4 people to Korea University. The fare of regular taxi starts from 1,900 Won, while deluxe taxis start from KRW 3,600. Most taxi drivers know the direction to Korea University (pronounced as 'Go-Ryo Dae-hak-kyo').

(3) By Subway of Metropolitan Seoul
Seoul Subway Seoul subways are not directly connected to the Incheon International Airport. In order to take the subway from the airport to Korea University, you must first take the Limousine Bus or a taxi to a subway station nearby. This process is highly inefficient and we recommend taking a different transportation method to the university. Please refer to the following subway map

map view map down